Generations is a piece I wrote for a Music Competition created by Serj Tankian of System of a Down and Creative Armenia.  The challenge was to take 7 notes Serj provided and make a song that had to start with those 7 notes and couldn't be any longer than 3 minutes.  My entry made it into the top 100 finalists out of thousands of submissions and can be found in the top 100 at:

Reid Zuckerman- Guitars, Bass, Armenian Duduk, Producer

Michael Staffeldt- Violas

Dan Waldman- Drums


These two pieces are selected from an album I recorded in my senior year of high school called "Life's Variety."

Reid Zuckerman- Guitars, Bass, Producer

James Henry- Drums


These are sample compositions I have written with the vision that they would be used in a TV, movie, or video game setting.