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"I just want to take a moment to recognize the teaching talent of Reid Zuckerman. I have had two individuals who in the past have attempted to teach me how to play the guitar, and I would have to say is, although those instructors were talented, Reid is the consummate teacher and professional. Although soft-spoken, his ability to teach is enhanced by his quiet demeanor. Exhibiting much needed patience when dealing with students, especially older ones like myself, Reid is very encouraging and has no problem going over the same material time and time again until he is sure that I have it down. Combining music theory with practical applications, I truly feel that I can play the guitar. Reid is a wonderful teacher and I believe he can help anyone truly wanting to play the guitar."

- Court P., Aurora, Colorado, USA

"Reid is a supportive and responsive teacher, who teaches both the theory behind the music and concrete exercises help build up my playing skills. He also provides lots of flexibility for when to schedule meetings."

- J.W., Toronto, Canada

"Reid demonstrates a vast knowledge of both playing guitar as well as the music theory associated with it.  He goes into great detail about the foundation of music so I understand exactly what it is that I'm playing.  His teaching has helped me improve a lot compared to how I was learning previously, which was mainly just memorizing chords.  I would recommend Reid's teachings to anyone whether it's over the internet or in person!"

- Li Y., Beijing, China

"With Reid as a teacher I actually started to learn how to play guitar.  I had teachers in the past that wouldn't walk me through what they were teaching me very effectively.  Reid teaches at the most basic level to start to ensure that even a beginner such as myself can understand more advanced material.  Even though some work seemed tedious at first, it all came together the more I worked at it and Reid was always there to answer questions along the way even outside of class time"

- Yolanda M., Rochester, New York, USA